Puerto de la Cruz is the only city on the island of Tenerife to have maintained their original character Canarian and at the same time that of a tourist resort.

Already centuries ago attracted scientists and explorers. Today welcomes many tourists northern Europeans who come in the winter months to enjoy its mild climate and during the summer months, tourists from mainland Spain, enjoying the festive atmosphere.

The heart of Puerto it is located in the squares and cobbled streets of the old town and its harbor, where you can always find the local people to socialize.


Puerto de la Cruz is located on the north coast of the island, in the Orotava Valley. It is located on Highway TF5 5 km west of La Orotava, 37 km west of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and 25 km from Tenerife North.

Its inhabitants are known as portuenses. With only 8.73 km2 of surface is the smallest town of the island but with a population of 31,830 inhabitants, one of the most densely populated (3,646.05 / km²). The urbanization covers much of the ground, before the development of hotels and buildings for tourism, much of the area was formed of farmland.


A small fishing village was already known in this area in 1505, with the name of Puerto de Orotava; in 1588 we have the first news of the name Puerto de la Cruz in 1651, and you have the real is its separation from Orotava.

When in 1706 an eruption destroyed the port of Garachico, one of Puerto de la Cruz became the main island, making the city a reference point for commercial traffic.

At the end of the nineteenth century, sailors and ship passengers who were en route to Argentina and Australia told the climate and the beauty of the area, giving rise to traditional tourism.



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